Delicious fruit off your own apple trees is one of life's simple pleasures.

Would you like to resurrect some old gnarly apple trees in your yard, or plant a new one? We've done both - with success, and also some mistakes along the way.  It's the mistakes that bring us the most knowledge. I'd like to share what I know to help you be successful. I'll share with you how to plant for the best watering and care.

Your tree can be the linchpin of your edible landscape

Nothing sparks up a landscape like a well groomed apple tree. You can find them in almost any shape or size. You don't need much space to have one. There are types that grow in a pot on your patio. You can also espalier them to fit in a narrow space. You can train them into a beautiful living fence.

It can provide shade and beauty while also providing your with delicious, nutritious fruit.

Lots of different apple trees all in one.

You don't really have to choose just one variety. You can buy one grafted, or do the grafting yourself. In fact, every time you find a variety that you really love, just graft it on to your tree. I'll show you how to do several different types of grafting so that you can do this yourself. Imagine finding a new variety of apple you like, and adding it to your existing tree.

Prune like a pro.

Pruning is key to a healthy and beautiful tree whether you are planting a new one or trying to rejuvenate an old one. Pruning helps to grow the best fruit. A well pruned tree will have larger greener leaves as well. I will show you how to prune older trees to resize them and get them back into good production and how to reduce "suckering" and "water sprouts".

Apples without worms? Is it possible?

Do you know what is the most effective control for codling moth? Well, I've tried a lot of things. Codling moths are the most frustrating part of getting good fruit. If you go to the trouble to plant and care for it, getting tasty fruit is important. I will guide you through the various methods of control and discuss the pros and cons of each.

There are other pests as well. The apple maggot spoils an apple. And there are some new pests becoming a nuisance. We'll do our best to keep you posted on how to deal with these.