Northern Spy

Another of my older inherited trees is Northern Spy. What a wonderful apple this is! It is a late apple with very nice juicy sweet/tart flesh. The apples are a red blush over a green background. It is great in pies, but we can't resist just eating them fresh, so there are not many left for pies or dehydrating.

Being a late bloomer as well as a late ripener, I think are slightly less prone to codling moths. I say this because there is less damage on them than my other trees, and the damage seems to come later in the season after the second generation of moths.

Although they do get apple scab, I find that the damage is tolerable. The leaves seem to be strong and grow out of the scab problem. I can tolerate a few scabs on apples - can't you?

This apple stores well, although they taste so good that I don't have many to keep around.

My tree does not set a huge amount of fruit. It never has. In a way, that is a benefit because I don't usually have to do much thinning. I don't know if this is true of all trees of this variety, but is certainly true of mine.

The tree has a nice rounded shape and would be a beautiful landscape tree for your backyard. Return to Apple Cultivars from Northern Spy.