Why I write about apple trees for homeowners.

From the time I can remember as a child to today, it seems like I have always lived in houses with apple trees. We moved a lot, and that was one of the constants in our lives. As I grew up, my interest in living things drew me to study of biology and I received a bachelor's degree in Biology from University of Oregon. After a short stint of working for a landscape maintenance company, I realized that lots of people had apple trees in their yard and didn't know what to do with them or how to care for them. Even some of the professionals didn't give proper care to the trees, or didn't notice when a tree needed service. I decided to help people to care for their apple trees by bringing together years of research to one site where homeowners can find out what they can do to have beautiful and delicious apples from their trees. I still do constant research to bring up-to-date information to this site. The research is both a literature search and also trying out new things at my home where I have six mature apple trees and about 10 baby trees at this writing. You might notice that I have a leaning toward organic care. That's how I want to treat my trees.

Come back to home-orchard-apple-trees.com often, as I try to continually update or add new pages.