by Bill Ragosta
(Coudersport, PA, USA)

My son Ben evaluating the fruit a number of years ago.

My son Ben evaluating the fruit a number of years ago.

Honeycrisp has become a very popular variety at farm markets and grocery stores but it became my favorite before the average person had ever heard of the cultivar. I ordered the variety on M7 rootstock based on the recommendation of a nursery that I dealt with in the early 1990s. Little did I know then that it would soon be my favorite variety.

I happen to like a tart, crisp apple and Honeycrisp is that but it also has an amazing sweet flavor too. I don't have any trouble growing the variety in my zone 5 geography either, though I hear that some orchardists think that it's a difficult variety to manage. It was the first apple that I grew which gave me very high quality fruit and convinced me that I could produce apples better than anything in the grocery store and it's still among my very favorites.

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