by Jim
(Estacada Oregon)

When I moved to Western Oregon my place had four mature semi-dwarf trees that were not so good - and scabby. One trip to a Home Orchard Society event had me hooked. I top grafted all of them; it was easy. Since then I've planted dozens of other varieties but my favorite is the original top-grafted Liberty. it has never been sprayed for scab or bugs or anything else and it gives me hundreds of pounds of good fruit. the graft unions are now bigger than my thigh. Liberty is great for fresh eating but because of the volume of apples I have to deal with, most of them go into apple sauce and cider. I pasteurize the cider as it's squeezed and bottle it. When I go to a church pot luck, I bring cider and it's a hit. One 10 year old kid was so impressed he basically demanded to be invited to next year's pressing. He likes Liberty too.

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